Sommarhack 2011 & V2

Since i missed the deadline for the @party in USA, i thought about where to release my track D12. And during my search for the upcoming events, i stumbled over this little party in Sweden. Sommarhack 2011. A little, mainly atari related demoscene party held in Grädo from the first to third of july. There are several reasons, why i chose this party. First, it is close by, so i don’t have to wait any longer with the release of the track and since it is about time for me to get active this year, the party seems to be just right. Second, they accept remote entries in all categories and that is something, not every party does these days. And third, Sommarhack is a small party and i like the idea of supporting smaller events. The huge parties as Revision and Gathering had a lot of releases this year, so its time to support the smaller ones. So, if you can, visit them in Sweden, or at least follow the video stream of the competitions (if there is one). I’ll be back with the results on monday, i guess.

Another thing that is noteworthy for me. Aside the use of 4klang, the small size synth, i tried Farbrauschs V2 synth today and i finally got it to work. There seems to be a huge advantage to 4klang for me, that is, V2 is not as processor hungry as 4klang is. And that is a good thing for me, since i still have a single core cpu. I will try to get something out of it in the next days.


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