Missed it

@party is being held on the upcoming weekend and guess who missed the deadline.I just finished my entry for the streaming music competition, two days too late. Damn, i so wanted to participate there. I guess my new track D12 is now going to the archives, waiting for another chance to be released. The track is called D12 because when i started it, which must be around 2006 or 2008 it was 12 years after my last demoscene music style track was done and released. It has been on my HD for quite some time now and for weeks i was planning to get it done until the remote entry deadline for @party. But i didn’t. That sucks.

What else happend the last days is, that i was finally able to put some of my pain into writings again. Aside my songtext for the track Still, i wrote two more which are called Change and No Tomorrow. I guess you can tell what they are about. I think, you will get to experience them when the music for it comes to my mind.


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