The Power of Pain

There are two things to pain. One is the fact that it pulls you down to the ground and stomps on you as hard as possible. The other one is the power it gives you, if you are able to channel it properly. And the second thing i did in the last days. My new song and its lyrics carry all the power that the pain had in me. It’s called Still. Don’t get me wrong, the pain is not gone, its still here, with all its strength, but there is a channel for it, if it tries to overwhelm me again. Some time ago i was asked by someone when i would do a song for that person. I had no answer. Until now. Here it is. Because i am still here.

Regarding my other tracks i can add, that i finished mastering From Spirits Within and Glashaus, which were both sung by Natascha, and another track called CONS vs. Virgill – Help Me (Dark Isle Enhancement aka The way the track should have been in the first place), which carries vocals by me and my dear friend Ellina. You can call this one the finalization of a long unfinished coop track, if you will. Or you can call it an Enhancement, like i do, because Virgills track itself is some kind of finished. But this way is the one it was planned to be from the start.  In Addition, i have another version of Glashaus, with different vocals, but it needs some work until i can master it, so be patient. And last but not the least, i mastered my track Path, which is very special to me for a private reason. Thanks to Virgill for some advice on that track! I decided to go without vocals, although there are lyrics, because we couldn’t find a way to integrate them into the track. So the way we will present the lyrics and the song will be different from the others. All those tracks are meant for something special, coming out in the second half of the year. I will keep you updated.


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