Life is strange

Life can be strange, life can be normal, life can be cruel, life can be great and if you ask me, life can be all those things at the same time. Thats the case right now. But to spare you from most of the details that don’t belong to my demoscene life, i will concentrate on whats important in that area. The headline in principle says it all. In the last weeks and again tomorrow i have experienced record session after record session. Yesterday i had a good friend of mine here to sing some vocals for my track Gegen den Strom and tomorrow i will be accompanied by another dear friend of mine to record vocals for my track Glashaus. I know i have recorded vocals for that track already, but i would like tho thicken the singing by bringing in another voice. That, in my opinion, will pay off greatly in the end, i guess.
Its so strange. Not so long ago i was so desperately searching for someone to sing to my songs and i almost lost all hope, but with one aspect of my life crashing, another blossomed. Now its almost the other way round, i have singers and nearly lack tracks that need vocals. Ok i am a stressing that a little too much, but it just feels so weird.
A sidenote for all of you who like Vigills track Help Me. You know, the one from Alcatraz Musicdisk Jaihouse Voices. With the help of my dear friend Ellina, i finally recorded the vocals ihad planned for that track from the beginning. Surprisingly Virgill releaed it with some random vocal sample and i used the songtext i had written for that to create my track The Tale of the Dark Isle. But now, after three years, i made my version of the track and called it : Virgill – Help Me (CONS-Dark Isle aka The Way The Track Shoud Have Been In The Fist Place Remix). Its strange to call this a remake or remix, since its more like the original than the original version :). Anyway, its Virgill approved and will be released somehow this year.


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