Mass Recordings

I guess that is the best way to entitle what happened the last days. First of all, i had a recording session with my new singer Natascha. We recorded the vocals for two songs on one day. First From Spirits within and after that Glashaus. It was possible, because she arrived here well prepared. She had practised a lot and her voice was already warmed up when we began, so it wasn’t necessary to do many takes to get what we were looking for.  The days after that, i edited and arranged and mixed and mastered, so that i am now happy to announce that From Spirits within is finished. And its good. Luckily my friend Virgill was here to help out with a few nuances he found to make the tracke even better and i am very thankful for that.

And what makes the topic the topic is the fact that just yesterday, a few days after that recording day, my dear friend Ellina arrived and we had another session to record vocals for a secret remix of a Virgill track and The Tale of the Dark Isle and our album track Path. So this was a very fruitful day, too. And what makes the day even more great was the fact that we had a lot of fun while recording. It is so great to have her around and joke around. We definitely should to that more often!  I am really looking forward to edit and master all the tracks and get them finished. That makes the release of the album very reachable.

I must admit, i was a little surprised, and i still am, that after i had almost given up hope, everything seems to work out fine in the end. There are only 2 tracks missing until it is completely finished and now i am full of enthusiasm to get it done. More to come.


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