Three musketeers

All good things come in packs of three i guess. I have never ever in my career of 20 years of making music had something like this. I am practically glued to my computer and my instruments to get all of the stuff out of my head. After i finished composing the second track called Where are you, i almost immediately started on a third one which will be called something like In Focus. It’s based on another songtext i wrote a few years ago and exactly as it was with the other two songs, it practically composed itself. I was only busy typing in the notes and playing the instruments. And it fits the style of the others perfectly without copying them. I think i need to slow down a bit to give the other ones a chance to be finalized some time. But what can you do when the ideas keep coming and the flow grabs you. Right, you got to obey and let go of all other an important thesis i am still writing on, for example. I keep you updated when the new material is finished and released. And by the way, did i mention that all three are 80ies style gothic rock? 🙂


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