Go with the flow

I someone had told me last week that i would spend the majority of my awake-time of this weekend infromt of my screen i would probably called him insane, because the weather was predicted to be fine and sunny. So the idea of my weekend was to spent most of it on my bike, enjoying the nature. But as you might imagine everything was going to be totally different.

Two days ago, i started a new track called Apology and that track kept me busy for 10+ hours straight that day. And so did it yesterday. I spent the whole day working on that track and it felt like a flow. Hours passed faster than i could look at a clock. But still, i thought, there was today, sunday. I worked only a little bit on the track this morning after a went for a bike-ride, but it took me in again completely. I almost finished the composition and when i leaned back, remembering two other songtexts that are still unused i took a look. And guess what. 8 hours later i have another project in the making. Same style, same flow feeling. Its going to be called Where are you and is based on a songtext i wrote years ago. it was originally written for another track but friends suggested that the lyrics and the music style of that old track didn’t really fit, so i dropped it and wrote another one for that old track.  This one remained unused and ready on my HD for years now. Until today.

I must say, even if i spent almost the whole weekend infront of my computer and inbetween my instruments, i feel extremely pleased with the outcome. I need to get myself into a project that i can do completely on my own and so distract myself from my band project which has come to a standstill due to a missing female singer. Lets see how this all works out in the end. My plan is to make at least 5 tracks for an EP. Luckily i have another songtext ready that would fit in greatly.


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