Who am i, what makes me who i am?

Oh happy day. I am proud to inform you that i finished another track today, that i started at the end of 2010. The track is calle I am Unique and i would say its trip-hop. During the making of the track it developed into something chilling, something you can easily hear in the background, while doing something else….maybe reading. And that is exactly what i want this song to be for, for a diskmagazine like Zine or Hugi. Maybe i can convince the authors to use my track. That is something i have to figure out in the next days. In this version you will hear a female voice, lecturing about the question “who am i?”. I think it fits the tone of the track very well. I did not do the sample myself, but found it at freesound.org, just as the two vinyl scratch samples. Proper credits will be given when the song is released.
Maybe, if it finds its way into a diskmagazine, the female vocals have to go, but i will release the original version, too. If you follow my releases you will probably notice again, that this track is totally different to what i released so far. I can’t really say i did it on purpose, it somehow did happen, but it’s kind of pleasing to see the diversity in my music. And that doesn’t mean i forgot about the fact that i am not the best one sound-quality wise, not to speak of mixing. I still have a lot to learn in those areas. See you when the release is on.


One thought on “Who am i, what makes me who i am?

  1. Magic says:

    Just have patience.. we are still working on another new fabulous issue.. Just wanted to let you all know.. cheers!

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