Another day, another mix

Yesterday i finished mixing and mastering the very first track of the long believed dead punk rock group Die Sackperücken. The most complicated thing was to find something that would underline the vocals from Jonny Fantastico but not take them out of context or defamiliarize them. But in the end i think i found something that suits the voice very well and puts it right into the middle of the sound. A second thing that i always had in mind for the track was a second guitar. Unfortunately they handn’t recorded one, so i worked with the material i had an in the end was successful in creating a second guitar track, thickening the sound of the whole thing.
Considering that Meyer and Jonny had been here months ago (at least it feels like it) to present their material and record the vocals, i am pretty late with the mixing. But i would have done it earlier if they had told me that they made a change for the middle part. I was waiting for Jonny to come over to record the vocals for the middle part, but in the end they changed it to a sample from an old notorious screen couple. At first i wasn’t so sure if it would fit but the more i listened to it, the more i think it hits the spot in a perfect and funny way.
So the final package was delivered to me only a few days ago and i started with the mixing right away. And today is the day of the presentation. I am really looking forward to hear what they think. I rendered a small mp3, containing their and my mastered material, playing one after another, so that they will be more aware of the changes and the enhancement i made.
I don’t know where, when or in what way they want to release it, but i hope to be able to include it here on my site so that you will be able to listen to it.  And last but not least, you need to know what to look for. The track will be called Heuchler.


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