Times three

It has been awfully silent around here for some time. It almost seemed like i wouldn’t have anything to add here, but on the contrary. I have been pretty busy this last 4 weeks. Unfortunately not everything i did was scene related. I had some pretty rough time regarding my diploma thesis. Not everything worked out as planned so i had to invest some extra time. But luckily everything is in line again and i made time to work on three of my tracks and it looks like that all of them are close to be finished.
The first one i worked on was my track D12. After an insanely amount of time i finally came up with a missing improvisation pattern for the middle part. Whats left to do is only some polishing and mixing, then its release ready.
The second one was my tribute track to ascii-disko, called Der letzte Tag. I replaced the major meody instrument and made several changes to it to make it more smoothly. Now all i need is to export the single tracks and master everything. Expect the release early this year.
The third track is my 4klang track My de4ar chip h4s grown up. I lost my master project file so i had to start all over from an early backup. Nothing sucks more than this. And it does double when the deletion is your own fault. Nevertheless i took the opportunity to change and add some things to make another 4 channel version for a small 4k intro. I hope that it packs good enough to match the size. If not, i guess i have to cut out some patterns and shorten it overall. I am looking forward to release this in 2011.

Another thing i did since the last entry, was writing a concept for a demo. And believe it, if you want to do it in a way that the readers comprehend what you want to say, it takes pretty much time to prepare. But i loved writing it, imagining everything, illustrating the idea and bringing it to life…at least on paper. Lets see where that road is going this year.


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