We do Demoscene

We do Demoscene

  • running time in minutes : 0:58
  • size in mb : 11,9
  • format : xvid, avi
  • quality in kbit : 1897 kbit vbr
  • genre : Wild
  • released : TUM 2010 / no compo

  • download video here : link
  • visit release at pouet.net : link
  • watch video on youtube here : link

This is a one-day fun production that was heavily inspired by a TV-ad of a large sportswear distribution company. I bet you know which one. And that is exactly how this small prod is intended to work, like an advertisement for the demoscene, to interest you in being active and participate in whatever way you can. Join us, we don’t bite. Thanks to all groups who unknowingly participated with their demo material. Unfortunately not every video of the demos i used was  available in HD resolution, so standard pal DVD resolution is some kind of compromise.
A note i personally want to add. I frakked up. I didn’t give out all the proper credits in the video to the groups whos productions i used. This shouldn’t have happened in the first place. I updated the download version and hope that all of you accept my apology. I am sorry.


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