TUM 2010 results

The party is over and to make it short, this years TUM wasn’t that enjoyable for me as i hoped it would be. My entry for the streamed music competition Wenn ich zum Markt geh, together with Jonny Fantastico wasn’t played at all. I guess it was because i only was allowed to play it to my friends there and not publish it on the web for download. In the end, i am not that surprised that it wasn’t played. I was a little disappointed about how i did in the loop compo. My Wet Pants Loop came 13th of 15 entries. That surprised me a bit, i must admit. But after listening to the winner, my first thought was “oh my god, i am so happy that i am almost as far placed as possible from that track” It must’ve been the fun part and the name of the track that people remembered and voted for. Well, congratulations, HAHAHA! For the third thing i handed over to my TRSi mates to bring to the party, was our small wild entry We do Demoscene.  I was told it was played at the party on the bigscreen, although i didn’t see it via stream. As there was no wild competition, there wasn’t any voting on it. But i hope at least a few of you liked it. To take a look at all the results of the party, lust look here. I will upload all my releases in the next hours/days, if you’re interested. Have nice end of the year, the new one will come for sure. Party on!


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