Recording spree for the last day of earth

Wow, i think i am more motivated at the time than i have actually time for to make something of it. Yesterday, just one day after i had Die Sackperücken as guests at my place to record their vocals i did it again. I felt so motivated to continue working on one of my electronic tracks that i tried to contact Jonny Fantastico again, to lend me his voice. Unfortunately he wasn’t available. So the only option left, was to use my own voice for the vocals. I usually try to avoid that, but motivation yesterday was stronger. And to be honest, it pushed my track Der letzte Tag a huge step further to completion. I don’t know if i keep them in the final, or if i exchange them with vocals from Jonny, but i guess we’ll see that next week. Then he’ll be here again, recording another part of vocals for his tracks and he already agreed to check out if he can do some for my song. The lyrics are in german, so that shouldn’t be a problem for him and i know he likes the story of the track, because he unknowingly inspired me to it. He some day ago, i don’t know how long it’s been exactly, he was talking about manufacturing a remote control with only one button. And by pressing that button, the world as it exists should come to an end instantly. I took that idea and worked a story around it that deals with man, ultimately pressing the button and putting this world to an end and afterwards trying to wash the hands in innocence, like “Oh, well, that wasn’t supposed to happen.” I think you get the point. The release is some time in 2011, maybe early 2011, depending on how fast i can get someone to replace my voice.


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