Digging deep

Yesterday, something happened that started long time ago, to be precise, 15 years.  Meyer and Jonny Fantastico of Die Sackperücken were at my place to record the vocals for their first track called Heuchler. almost 15 years ago, the three of them (Die Sackperücken are a band consisting of three members) composed this track and recorded it more or less good with a guitar and a simple audio tape recorder. And they never thought, that some day the track would actually be revived and recorded with much better equipment. But that is exactly what happened yesterday at my place. Actually, it was my session with Jonny Fantastico a few months ago, when we recorded the vocals for the fun track Wenn ich zum Markt geh, that set the whole idea in motion. He had the dream to be able to revive their band and make something out of their old material. So he contacted the other two of the band and i guess, they must’ve been pretty surprised and motivated. So Meyer, the guitar player of the band digged out the old tapes and re-recorded the guitar riffs on todays hardware. The only thing left for us to do here was, to record the vocals. And that was a funny experience, because…well how should i put it… it’s just Punk. and thats exactly what it sounded like. The track was speeded up a bit and the lyrics were changed in a few details, new ideas were included and what we have so far sounds promising (Remember, its Punk, not Green Day). Next week we’re going to record the middle part and if i can convince Jonny, one of the stanzas again and then all thats left to do is to mix everything and master the track. I am really looking forward to that. Future plans are to record their other 3 to 5 tracks, i don’t know exactly how many they mentioned and putt all of them together on an EP.


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