The Ultimate Meeting 2010

Again, the last party of the year is coming up and i am happy to announce that i will participate for TRSi in three competitions. If everything goes as planned, i will submit an entry for the streaming music competition called Wenn ich zum Markt geh, one for the 7 seconds loop competition called Wet-Pants-Loop and a small fun entrty for the wild competition called We do demoscene. Unfortunately two of those three entries will be submitted remotely, because i am not at the partyplace myself. Sadly my chance to drive there free of cost has vanished and i can’t affort it at the moment.  If you want to know more about the party, please visit their website and go there. I have to watch the competitions from back home via stream, but that can be fun, too. I will post the results as soon as they’re out, which will be around the 30th of december.

As far as i know there will be other TRSi releases by my dear fellows tEiS and probably Hardy and Streetuff.  Good luck to all of us. Lets see if TRSi can rock the party.


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