Almost lost in translation

I don’t know if this is going somewhere at all, but in the last days i couldn’t stop working on the translation of my story “No Return”. I know what in want to do with it and i so hope this works out, but for the time being, i am exausted. But the good news are, i am finished. I translated the whole story from german into the best english i am capable of. i know that i lost a lot of flair during that process and i hope that someone can read the text, not only to correct spelling and grammar mistakes but give me ideas for better translations of metaphors. It is really hard to translate those and still keep the meaning of what you wanted to say, but i hope that in the end it will be worth the while to read it.
Looking into the future, i see this as the first step on a road that should lead to the making of a project that i have in mind. This story is its essence and should be presented in an explorable way, surrounded by music and pictures and hopefully the mood of the story. Lets see if i can make that happen in 2011.


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