How to grow and shrink a chiptune

Recently i was asked if i wanted to be part of a 4k intro, meaning making the music for it in 4klang. The intro was more to train than to show off high-end coding abilities, but i thought it would be great to support someone who is interested in polishing his skills and partitipating in demoscene activities. So i agreed. Since i had pretty much nothing prepared, i turned to a long lost melody of an old and unused chiptrack i did probably around 1990 and transferred some of it into midi. With some tweaking and additional instruments the project grow and suddenly there were some size issues, when packing it together with the code into 4096 bytes. So i had to go over the track again and delete all unnecessary notes (often i mute notes when changing something, to be able to recover them if the changes don’t apply to me).  Unfortunately that was not enough since there were nearly 700 bytes to save. But what do you do when you have no clue? You ask someone who does. And that i did. I asked a dear TRSi friend who had quite some experience with 4klang. The advice was to keep all settings at valuables dividable by 8. And guess what, that worked very well. The export project compressed so well that additional 70 bytes were saved for code. Hope the are going to be used wisely. By the way, my small track is called My de4r Chip h4s grown up. How fitting. I can not say anything with regard to the release date, but be sure, the day the intro is released, you will be able to download the track in ogg format here on my homepage.


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