Name the nameless

Thanks to the pain of life, one of my unnamed songs now has a name.  I lately discovered again that not everything works out like all participants want it to an that often it takes them by surprise. So what else to do as to write about it and thats what i did. I had a short unnamed orchestral song on my hd, that i made months ago, not knowing how to go on with it or what to call it. Its like i made a shell wihout its proper content. And now, after life has all gone wrong again, it hit me with a shovel. The impact of the event was so strong that i couldn’t stop thinking about it and on my way back hope the first lines of the songext formed in my mind. I remember repeating them too avoid not remembering them when i get home. But it worked. I started writing late at night and on the first thought of a music, my unfinished song came to my mind and it fit perfectly. The mood of it, the instruments, it was all there. So what i did was basically puttint the heart into the shell to make it a whole. And now, there it is, my new song called Glashaus. Yes, its going to be in german, so if you want to understand what it is about you better be able to understand the language. Its worth it, i promise. Release date will be some time next year, on the album of my band One Dice.


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