Return to the past

Sometimes the good things lie in the past. Sometimes, with the focus on the future, you almost forget about those things. But luckily from now to then, something works as a reminder, not only turning you around with the view into the past, but carrying you right back into it. One of my good things was my movie “Kein Zurück” (No Return). I made it during 2005/2006 and a lot of my heart and thoughts went into that.
And now i am right back in the mood, the story and the thoughts of that project. Some time ago i started to enrich the simple movie-script i wrote, with more lines, more background more of everything, to make the story not only viewable but readable. I tried to include all the things that the viewer of the movie should have thought about while watching the scenes. Unfortunately i wrote it completely in german.
A little bit later, after my return into the demoscene, i had an idea for a project that would be the first of its kind in the demoscene so far. At least as far as i know. I don’t want to give away any infos about it, because its still in the developmental phase, but the one thing i can say is, that i am in need of a proper translation into english for it. And thats what i am working on now, for hours. Believe me, a translation is not that easy to do. Not only that all the grammar and vocabulary has to be correct (which it won’t be after i am finished, i know that for sure), no, the most important thing is to keep the tone of the original story. And that is a really hard thing to archieve. Nevertheless i love working on the translation, because it draws me right back into the good time we had making the movie. And i hope, that some day, my project will become reality and you would be able to enjoy it.


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