Real life, worst game ever

Love that sentence. I must’ve read it somewhere on a fun photo or something like that. Of course i didn’t mean that literally. Its just a metaphor for whats actually going on in my life. I am filled with work für my thesis, which i have to present next week. 4 weeks earlier than expected. So my creativity has to stand back. Doesn’t feel good. But i guess you know that for yourself. Nevertheless, the moments i had, i spent on different tracks of mine, adding, changing or deleting details. Some tracks i worked on were Momentum, a song for which Ellina wrote the lyrics and inspired me. Next one is Komm Zurück, a song that goes back to 2005 when i made Kein Zurück, my full length movie. I just added some melodies and wrote a nearly finished songtext for it. And last but not least, there is my newest track Sad blue Eyes, on which i changed a few details, nothing spectacular. I am looking forward to leaving next monday behind, then i hopefully can make more time to work on my music. Lucky me, that i have my track for TUM 2010 ready to go. Fingers crossed that it gets played.


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