Its all about structure

I never thought that it would be like this. I had to take up work to stabilize my financial situation aside of my duty for the university and with that, my free time naturally got reduced. But, the funny thing is, that now that i am more filled with work and need to give my days more structure, i have the feeling that i am getting more things done than before. Yesterday was a good example for that. I worked the first half of the day, and the other half somehow dedicated itself to my music. I worked more or less on three different pieces.
First one was From Spirits within, for which i finally added a missing support piano part and now consider the track finished with respect to composing. So the only thing here missing are the vocals.
Next track was Out of Reach. I had to rework the melodies here after i made some changes to the harmonies. I filled a few other gaps, switched some instruments and made a lot of minor adjustments and think, i am ready to record the vocals for this song, too.
Last but probably the most work went into my new track Komm Zurück. I had a vague idea for a melody recently and wanted to get that into the existing part of the track. But once i had done that i was so inspired and totally got into the mood of the song that i expanded existing and added new melodies and new structures to it. I also have a few lyrics in my mind too and need to get those written down as soon as possible.
All in all i spent about 7 hours of my free time that day on making music and in my opinion that is more than i had spent on that hobby before i was working on a regular basis. I think it is good to have at least some structure whatsoever in your day, so that you can turn to your hobbies more focused. I never thought it would be this way, but i am glad it is, because all that counts in the end is, that you are pleased and happy with what you have done.


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