Leaving for new land to explore

I thought it would be nice to keep you up to date with the stuff i am working on. Well, as the headline suggests, i am leaving the isle and sail to the next land i know. In other words, i managed to finish my work on my track The Tale of the Dark Isle and now i am simply shifting over to the next track that has to be finished. Don’t ask me when you can expect to hear that track, because as always, i don’t know for sure. But i imagine that the date will have 2011 in it. To be honest, the headline is not completely true since there are some really minor things left to polish, but i think i can manage that in a few hours and then leave the project to itself. A few days ago i even had an idea for a remix of the track and i already started with it. The original song is more folk-style (my girl said that, so blame her if it’s not true 😉 ) and the remix will more be something you can actually move to… if you know how to move yourself, of course.  What i can tell you is, that this track will be included in the album of my band One Dice, since it was explicitly written for that.
The next track i will switch my attention to, is The Walls inside. It is pretty much done, composition-wise and only needs the vocls to be recorded, edited and finally mixed. So if i am lucky, that will happen in the next 14 days. That would be the best case version. Worst case would be that i am loaded with work for the university and other things that will keep me away from acting out my creativity. Lets see what comes next.


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