A told tale and a grey symphony

…and by that i mean, yesterday Ellina was here and we recorded the vocals to our song The Tale of the Dark Isle. In about 6 hours, we were able to get enough material that will allow us to fill several voices from the song. We started late in the afternoon but that was ok, because she used the time before to sing so her voice was already warmed up when she arrived and we could start right away. I can’t say how much fun we had again, after such a long time of delay and doing nothing together with respect to music. It is going to be the first step towards the album we plan to release with our band One Dice at the end of the year. Lets hope that we can keep up the motivation.
And if that wasn’t enough, Ellina brought something with her that really surprised me. During the last days she had an idea for a song-text, wrote it down and already started to add harmonies and melodies to it. She played it to me and i arranged the main pattern, so that we would never forget about her Grey Symphony. I remember asking her, or better offering her, to start composing and writing, but in the last two years she wrote one song-text, so i never thought that she would come up with a complete song some time. I admit, i thought wrong and that is a good thing. Lets see what we can make of it.


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