Function 2010 results

As always, thee is a day when the party is over and the results come in. And this day way yesterday. I had waited for a few hours and regularly refreshed the Pouet website to see if the results were in, but it took until the late evening. I was a little nervous this time as i opened the website and took a look at them. What i saw first were 14 entries and the first three places weren’t mine. I took a quick look at all the others and thought for a moment that my track wasn’t even included. Again preselected? Well that would have even sucked more than being in the middle of the ranking. KML – Schläfer erwache (Function Cut) was voted 8th place. What made this a bit disappointing was the line my friend Vincenzo (who made 2nd place in the same competition) wrote a few minutes ago, saying that thee were a lot of bad releases this year, not only in the music competition. It makes it disappointing, because it made me think that either my track is the best of the crap tracks, or my track is the worst of the good ones. Sounds bad in both ways, doesn’t it? Anyway, there is nothing that i can do about it and you know, after the party is before the party. I still have one track in the tube to be release this year in a music competition. And with this being the 4th track i released for TRSi this year, i am a little proud that i am that productive, even without a singer at the moment.


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