Ein Dankeschön

Ein Dankeschön

  • running time in minutes : 4:38
  • size in mb : 8,50
  • format : mp3
  • quality in kbit : 256 vbr
  • genre : Easy Listening, Pop
  • released : 10th at Sundown 2010 streaming music competition

  • download track here : link
  • Listen to it online at my  lastfm site : link

This is a small easy listening track I composed in 2005 as a birthday present for my very best friend Ellina who happens to be the singer of all my songs including this one. For all of you who are not familiar with the German language, the lyrics are about worshiping the existing friendship between us and its influence on both of our lives in a very personal way, but stating clearly that it is about friendship and not about being in love.
Thanks to Caro Werner for her acoustic guitar accords and few lines of text that form the basis of this song. I tried to contact you several times to get your approval for this track, but you never wrote back. But i think if you hear it, you will be pleased with what i made of it. Finally, thanks to Virgill for some ideas and mixing help.


3 thoughts on “Ein Dankeschön

  1. SunSpire says:

    Hey there!

    I’ve been playing your song “Ein Dankeschoen” to my friends in germany and they’ve totally fallen in love with it!! Personally it is not my usual style of music that I listen to but I find the production top notch and the lyrics are both original and beautiful that I was highly impressed! It was great to meet you at the party place, hopefully there will be another UK demoparty coming up soon …

    Liebe Grüsse aus Birmingham,



    • homeofcons says:

      wow, thank you for your comment. I am feeling pretty good, reading it and i am happy that others like my song, too. Regarding the party, well you must’ve met someone else, because i remotely entered my track into the competition. In other words, i was not there. I wish i had been, but life had other plans for me 🙂
      Hope you enjoyed the party!
      Viele Grüße aus Osnabrück!

  2. SunSpire says:

    Aah I had a feeling you would say that!! Did you have anyone over here who knew you were sending in your tune? I met so many people that weekend and I’m generally terrible at remembering names and faces, sorry about that!!

    You should have a listen to my music compo live cut, that way you can relive the party without having been there previously 🙂

    newschool music compo:

    Watch out for the rick-roll tho, lol …

    All the best!!!!!!!!


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