Give Punk to the kids

As you know, i had my friend Jonny Fantastico here to work on a track of mine. And it so happens, that after a few days of hard work, the song is now finished. Its called Wenn ich zum Markt geh and its about 2 Minutes something long, but i think that’s pretty much enough so that the fun factor is still high when the track ends and not killed due to massive repetition. I really don’t want to give away too many information about the song beside the fact that it is punk-rock style, as it is planned to be released at a party this year. Probably at The Ultimate Meeting at the end of the year. We’ll see. What i can tell you now is that this track will not be the only cooperation between Jonny Fantastico and me. He told me about some unreleased material of his and is now motivated to get his former band project called Die Sackperücken back to life. And it seems that i will arrange all the necessary instruments to make this possible. I am looking forward to it although i am a bis skeptical about what the material sounds like and what the texts are about. But i guess i’ll deal with that when it’s the time.


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