Evoke 2010 results

Now that the party is over (In fact it is over for almost a week now), its time to sum things up a bit. The livestream was laggy and the releases were rich. I sat down here in front of my screen to watch all of it, but unfortunately it got more and more unwatchable, so i switched to scenesat radio for the time that i had left until i had to leave the house on Saturday. The streaming music competition started and i listened to almost 15 tracks, some of them ok’ish and some really great and i thought by myself, that it probably would have been better not to submit an entry to the competition, because i saw my track not standing a chance against some of those really massive entries. Especially the winning track, which i instantly knew when i heard it on the stream, must have been mind-blowing at the party-place. So i left the house in the middle of track fifteen, not having heard my entry so far but knowing that a few more must come.
When i got back that night it was too late to check again and there was no play- or entry-list available, so i had to wait until the results came out, what happened almost an hour BEFORE the official prize-giving ceremony (and i think that sucked big time). I saw the list with 18 tracks on it and guess what, mine was not. And that leaves only two options. Warhead didn’t enter it into the compo, which i highly doubt and second it was preselected. Now, after the party i am not that sad about that decision, because the track probably would have been washed to the ranks on the end of the list. I will release the track on another party in the near future for sure, maybe on function. We’ll see.


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