Meeting Jonny Fantastico

Wow, what a blast i had yesterday.  New vocals recorded and a shitload of fun while doing it. That’s how a musicians day should look like.

A few days ago, i traveled back home with a good friend and her kids and i had to listen to some children music which the kids really seemed to enjoy. And i did too, but not the way they did. I was hooked by the rhythm and instantly thought that the track would really sound good as a punk-rock tune. The contrast of the fast and rough music combined with the all so happy lyrics make me almost laugh and i couldn’t stop punk-rocking in my head. So first thing i did was, i borrowed the CD from my friends children and started to rearrange everything to a proper punk-rock rhythm. Raging guitars, fast and hammering drums and…. well, yes, i needed a singer for it. So since i am not the type of guy who would do that sort of, let me call it “vocalizing” , i needed to come up with another idea. And that’s when i thought about someone i know for a while now and who would be perfect for the job. Thought and done. Just a day later i was at his place and i asked him if he would like to do it. I played him the original and my instrumental version which is still untitled and he agreed instantly to at least try.

So yesterday, he was here and we had a blast, recording the lines. It was so much fun and chances are probably good that we will come together and try that again. I really hope so. And of course the last thing he had to do after the recording session was, to think of a proper artist name before his career skyrockets.

Now you know how i met Jonny Fantastico.


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