Evoke 2010

Its time again. Evoke 2010 is only 3 days away and i will not be present at the party place personally. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that i won’t be participating. Its just the opposite. I will enter the competition with my track KML – Schläfer erwache which Warhead will represent at the party place. Thanks for your help with the track mate. So its going to be a really competitive weekend. Unfortunately Evoke music competition has a strict time limit, so i had to cut the song almost in half to make it fit the specifications. Nevertheless they have to fade it out eventually.

Last year, i entered the competition with KML – Lauf! Ein Lied über Jogging and surprisingly got second. Lets see whats going to happen this year. I hope at least someone likes the track. Of course, as always, KML tracks are not to be take too seriously. I am looking forward to watch my song playing on the live stream that hopefully will work for a shitload of viewers. My weekend will be infront of the PC, watching the competitions all day long. As far as i know other TRSi members are preparing releases for different competitions and i am hoping for the best there.

Now for something totally different. its not much so i don’t make an extra entry for it.I haven’t been very productive lately (for my standards). Its almost 3 weeks without even touching my composing program and i find that a long time. But all that has come to an end, because yesterday i was inspired again and worked on a still untitled track for a few hours. In the last days i was listening a lot to a well known UK Trip-hop band and i think that must have inspired me. So this new track will be different from the stuff that i have done lately (what mostly was orchestral stuff) and i am really looking forward to work on it again. Thanks to a friend for pointing me to the band.


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