On the Path again

After some long weeks of preparing for my diploma, I finally found time today, to work on my music again. We, that’s me and Ellina, are planning to record some vocals next week for various songs of mine and that is why I feel the need to finalize some of my compositions. Today I chose my track Path, which only needed a few minor instrument adjustments and additions; something for the background, you know. And it took me only 2 hours at most to implement the two new instruments that I had in mind from the beginning of the composition. Now it sounds quite the way I always wanted it to sound although it is not mixed at all. But I will do that after I recorded the vocals. I think, it will be a challenge for Ellina to sing the lyrics on this track, because I don’t really have a melody this time and I don’t plan to create one. I thought the vocals should be spoken on the verge of being sung. I hope that Ellina can get into the mood of the track and improvise, because it is a very personal one and means a lot to me. I did record my voice for the vocals for testing purposes, but I think that its not really good for being the first voice. I like to add myself as a contrast more or less on our tracks, but take the lead would be too much. I guess, everyone has had such feelings at least once. Next week will be great, hopefully. I am really looking forward to it.


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