The last Day has begun

So, or something like it could be the best way to title this entry. It is not about my last day of something, no, it is of course an allusion to the title of a new track i begun yesterday. The correct title would be Der letzte Tag, which means the last day in English.

You know, i always dreamed of a movie that would leave the world and all mankind destroyed. Something like that Tom Cruise remake-movie just without the bacteria saving our asses at the end. Something disturbing. As far as i know there is not really a movie out there that would satisfy that need of mine, so i had to come up with something myself. And to be honest, i didn’t. A friend of mine had a weird dream a while ago, i even can’t remember correctly if it was his dream or just a fantasy he had. Anyway, it was all about having a remote control in your hand with only one button. This button, if you dare to press it, would instantly extinct all human life on this planet and the planet itself, too, as far as i can remember. Would you press it? How would you feel in that situation?  Sometimes, i wish i had such a remote and with it the power to stop our race from slowly destroying everything this planet has to offer. Wouldn’t you kill a rabbit that you hit with your car and that only could run on two feet? No, really, would you?. I had the sad luck to be part of such a decision when i was a teenager. And yes, we drove over the rabbit again to save it from a slow death. Well, where was i…. Ok, so now i have that remote. How would i feel? Superior? I don’t think so because there is nothing profitable coming from the power the remote beholds. Is it really power, or is it more like a burden? Or maybe is it something to be happy about? I think i would laugh about it in some situations.

Now, as there isn’t such a remote, at least not that i know of (atom bombs excluded), i took the liberty to take those thoughts and put them into stanzas and a refrain.  And almost simultaneously, i started to compose. I wanted to go into minimal-electro again and after a few hours of searching for proper instruments i found some where i hadn’t even dared to look. And they fit so well, that i already covered the very basics of the complete song already.

Connecting it again to my expressions i made before, it is a happy song. Hmm, maybe that’s not really what it is. It sounds happy but most of the happiness is based on sarcasm. And if there is one thing you can be sure of, it is that if i had such a remote in my hands, i would climb up the nearest biggest hill, take a good look at everything, breathe silently for the last time and press the button to start it all over again somewhere else in the universe.


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