Maximum minimalism

A few days ago, when i drove to the local billiard cafe, my dear Friend Ellina played a cd of a group i hadn’t known since then. It was some kind of ambient/ darkwave/ electronic/ minimalism, which i enjoyed in a way that made no sense to me at the beginning. I remember, she told me the name of the group after i asked her, but i can’t remember right now. What was more important, was the fact that, as we drove into the city the next day, the album was playing again and we began talking about our music and our ambitions and goals. And it became clear that we are on the same side, heading in the exact same direction. Not that we had a doubt, but the way we agreed was unique. I told her that  was impressed by the song i heard the day before and added that i would really like to go a little more in that direction, meaning towards minimalism. She was so surprised about that and told me that she never would have thought that i liked or even considered going into that direction at all. It was so great to feel that we are on the same path. Of course we don’t want to imitate that band but try to invoke that experimental, minimalistic spirit a little in our own music. Our goal is to let go of those refrain/stanza restrictions and repetitions. In a way we did that a bit with our last song, because the structure was a little mixed in comparison with the standard “stanza, stanza, refrain, stanza, bridge, refrain, refrain” thing. So, hopefully, we will be able to continue our idea of letting a song develop itself in the process of the making.

Today, and yesterday, to be correct, i was kissed by the muse again and sat in front of my composing program for hours. And i was productive, really productive. I took a song-text Ellina wrote a while ago and implemented a melody into my track that would leave the freedom of expressing it slightly different every time. The new track has no name yet, because the song-text  hadn’t one and i did not come up with a proper one myself. But i am looking forward, really looking forward to get the vocals recorded on this one in the future. I think with this track, we will take another step into the direction we want to go.


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