Wake up Sleeper

Wake up Sleeper

  • running time in minutes : 4:02
  • size in mb : 4,68
  • format : ogg
  • quality in kbit : 160 vbr
  • genre : Darkwave
  • released : 3rd at @party 2010 freestyle music competition

  • download track here : link
  • Listen to it online at my bands lastfm site : link
  • Visit my band homepage : link

This is part one of a 5 song circle, thematically about a young man struggling with life and love. it is closely bound to the story of the movie “Kein Zurück” i made in 2005. The five stages will take us to several points in his inner life and we will get to know what it looks like.
In this first part, we find him in the process of drifting into resignation, depression and hopelessness. We learn about his feelings and how they (and he) turn into a cold and catatonic state, but also what he longs for. He experiences the process of drifting away, hears life itself calling him back, but he doesn’t know how, because he is not sure about what is happening to him.
I tried not to let the song sound too depressing, by not pulling out the heavy orchestral artillery and i tried to create a smoothness by focusing on the vocals and the few cello & violin instruments and not so much on drums and rhythm. My goal was to let the music be a contradiction, or an opposing lightness to the weight of the lyrics. The beautiful vocals are as always sung by my dearest friend Ellina. If there is a category like this, i would call it dark pop/darkwave.

Safe Creative #1006216644150


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