@party is over – results

After the party is before the party. Well, that may be true in general, but i am pleased that the results of @party are in now and i  must say, i am happy about how i did. There were a total of 9 entries in the freestyle music competition and after watching the live stream here i couldn’t help myself thinking that it might have not been the best idea to release my track Wake up Sleeper there, because the competition seemed strong. But on the other hand i thought, where wouldn’t it be? So i tried to “read” the audiences taste by the amount of applause they gave after each entry. But there were only slight differences so i wasn’t anymore sure after that. It took about 45 minutes to get through the whole music competition, but it was so much fun to watch.
The next day i was eager to get the results, so i visited the IRC channel again, but it seemed that no one of the party was actually present so there was no information on the results whatsoever. I met Truck in the chat and we talked a bit about the phenomenon that by the parties own timetable, the closing ceremony must have taken place already but there was no information at all. Later he came up with a note he saw on facebook, that the winner of the compo had posted there. We were a bit astonished that facebook was faster than the party-IRC channel. Weird. But later that day, Metoikos updated the website with all the results and there i saw how i had done. As i already mentioned, the winner was already known. I came 3rd in the competition, which i am so happy about. You can download the track from its entry that will probably be above this one. Nice start of 2010. 3rd place, yay!

Actually, this texts euphoria probably sounds stronger than it was in reality. I was happy, no doubt, but my premise was to get my track released to the public and i chose that party because of three reasons. The party was the next to come, it was small and so i thought it might be good to support it with a release and last but not least, they accepted remote entries. All in all i would say, i archived what i had in mind and got a 3rd place bonus on top of it. And now i am ready for the next party to come.


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