@party 2010

I had this planned for quite a while and now its going to happen. Finally.

After a few days of troubleshooting i was able to establish a connection to one of the @party organizers and submitted my remote entry for the freestyle music competition. The track i will release there is going to be Wake Up Sleeper. I am happy that the track will finally be published. It has been resting on my hard-drive for months now and as i say, was not getting better by doing so. I know that @party is no big event but it is the only one allowing remote entries for the next two months and so the decision was easy to make. On the other hand, i wanted to get this track released, because i hate to let good things rot. Right after the party, i will add the complete single, including my Bad Dreams never End Remix and the cover to my band website, which is, if you haven’t figured out for yourself by now, One Dice. What will be exciting until then is the question if my dear scene friends can come up with promised remixes or not. I would love to have them in the package, but after 2 months i can’t wait any longer. Another plus of @party is the promised live-stream that will make it possible for me to passively participate. I am really looking forward to that. Lets see what a German TRSi guy can archive in the land of unlimited possibilities.


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