Cap 6-1

Due to the fact that there isn’t much to say about my music at the moment and the fact that i have been working on my board games a lot, i thought, why not giving that area a stronger focus in the nest days.

Today, i start with my first board game called Capital. The development of this game started in the year of 1995, when i was doing civil services instead of army service. It all started with the idea and before i even stuck my hands into the creation of any game material i planned the complete game on paper. Shortly after that, i wanted to create the game material and i was really lucky at that time, because the man, who supervised me in my civil work had a woodwork studio in his home, so i took the offer and created the complete material out of wood. And today, that really pays off, because it is looking great. But, i wouldn’t do it that way again, because when its done, its done, you can’t easily apply changes to wood material, so every change i made to the game had to be in the paper material such as cards, money and of course the game instructions.
Well, weeks later, the material was finished and i gathered a few friends of mine to start testing. And it turned out that improvements were needed. After 35 hours of playing we still were very far away from the goal of the game. So i adjusted several things over the year, like the instructions, prices and sadly some of the game elements, as good as they were, had to go, to save time. And thats why today i built game material out of paper at first, so that its no big deal if something has to be changed, because with the game elements, some of the wooden game material had to go,too and is now unnecessary.

The last test-game we had a few weeks ago (yes, still testing after 15 years), when i had implemented a new feature that would help the game to finish a bit earlier and bring another means of “player influences player” into the game. And as hoped, it had the result it was intended to have. Another great aspect that i was aware of for some time showed again and i was happy about it: The game is very, very balanced and i find that a good thing. We were 4 people and we played for 6 hours, since two of them hadn’t played the game before and needed to refer to the instructions more often.

There is only one point left on the to-do list for the game and that is to print the new cards on proper paper and cut them. The game itself is finished and works fine and so do the instructions.


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