Back on The Dark Isle

Today i found the time to go back to a place where i felt most welcome when i first went there: The Black Isle. The visit inspired me so much that i couldn’t resist writing about it and going back there today.

If you still wonder what i am talking about, then you might consider the fact that i am a musician…. Getting it? Yep, thought so. Today i reloaded a music project of mine that has its roots in a track made by my dear friend Virgill, called Help me. you can find that one on the Alcatraz Musicdisk called Jailhouse Voices.  Due to the fact that i see my friend on a regular basis, i was present when he started that track. I remember he was heavily influenced by the harmonies of the TV show Lost, but i couldn’t recognize that. A short time after that, he had the song almost ready and i listened to it. I remember, really did not like those created vocals, talking stupid shit with randomly generated speech samples, so i offered myself to write him lyrics for his track. And so i did. The story i had in mind and finally wrote is using the jungle and the fact of feeling lost, of feeling to have to fight for survival as a metaphor for the fight inside oneself, the fight for the own life, not to get lost in this world. And guess what, everyone loved the lyrics. I agreed to record them and send them over and so i did.  To my full surprise, when the musicdisk came out, i realized that they weren’t used at all and the track was released with those stupid generated vocals. I still cannot understand why, but thats not what i wanted to go into in this entry.

What i wanted to say is, that after a while i thought those lyrics were to good not to be used in any way. For a short time i had the idea to remix Virgills song and use my vocals there and i probably might do that in the future some time, but in the meantime i connected them with another idea i had for a song that should heavily focus on vocals. So i started a new project called The Tale of the Dark Isle.

And thats what i worked on today, for a few hours and i am happy to say that i am almost finished composing. Actually this time i kept things rather minimal, which was my intention from the beginning, so that i can work more on vocals and their presence. All i need now, is a good microphone with a midi station to connect to my hardware and we’re good to go. And if you are a follower of my blog entries, you possibly already know that obtaining such microphone is going to be the hardest part of all at the moment.


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