Ready, Steady, Wait!

I recognized that May isn’t such a great month with regard to demoscene parties. And i tell you why.
Imagine you just finished your newest track and while putting it into your “songs-to-release directory”, you recognize that there are already 4 songs in it, waiting to be published. First thing you think of is an upcoming production, that may feature your song, but after a few seconds you realize that there is none in the making. So this possibility is ruled out. Then, your second thought is a demoscene party with a music competition that accepts remote entries. You visit the website that features a list of all upcoming parties and the first thing that you see is, there is no party in May and what makes it even worse, the upcoming parties in the middle of June do not for necessarily accept remote entries. The last opportunity to release new material that comes to your mind is a bitjam-podcast episode. You remember that they gladly accept unreleased stuff and so you check out what episodes are coming up and again realize that your material is not fitting into any of those episodes for the next few weeks. So, you’re pretty much stuck with your material and that is my situation at the moment.

I recently finished the new KML track Schläfer Erwache, which will be released on the KML Album Abgrund: Mensch anytime in the near future. Actually there aren’t enough parties coming up where i can present my stuff. And its not a nice feeling to have the songs stuck on your hard-disk, because they don’t get better with time. Don’t get me wrong, i am not angry or sad. i am more like astonished and i am wondering how it can be that i am ready to release stuff just in the middle of a demoscene hole.

Finally let me drop a few lines about the KML track Schläfer Erwache. The idea originated from an electro-remix i planned for my track Wake Up Sleeper, but i realized very soon that the female vocals we not suitable for such a remix. So i dropped them, hardened the track a bit, wrote a new song text, which basically consists of not-too-strictly translated metaphors from the original song text with a fresh new refrain and recorded new vocals. As all KML tracks, it plays around with metaphors and allows different interpretations and, most important,  is not to be taken too seriously.

I guess, you’ll be hearing it soon.


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