The little things

…can significantly improve your work if measured all together.

Today was a day for the little things. I worked on three different projects of mine until just a few minutes ago.

The first one was From Spirits within. I felt that the track needed some minor dramatization accents, because the song starts very slow with only vocals and a string and because of that, it takes some time to get into it. Don’t get me wrong, this is purely intentional and i love imagining how the listener can focus on the vocals and the lyrics and it not taken away by too many melodies too fast. But as i said, a few minor accents spiced it up a bit. I am not a 100% sure if i keep them, because i have to see how the vocals turn out and if we implement a second voice. And i need a piano part, which i still hope, i will get from my dear friend Vicky, because she has great improvisational skills and the ability to play out the emotions that come to here while listening to the song. I am not willing to let go of that idea, although i have no idea when it’s going to happen.

The second track i worked on today, was Schwarz-Weiß. After i had listened to it a few times, i found the ending not very suitable. It felt too long and so i dived into the project file again and shortened it to an ending with a blast. This song is still missing a few instruments and some tweaking, before i can record any vocals, but i am confident, that i will get this done in the next weeks.

The last project i worked on today was my new track called Path. I did some accent work but mostly i rewrote the cello line in the main part, which had to go more with the melody and not so much with the harmony, since the song has already other instruments for that. And in addition i added a second melody instrument, very similar to the existing one, but slightly different, which sounds great when separating them to the left and right channel. It gives the melody a much more pressing and followable character.

And last but not the least, i rewrote some lines of the song-text for my song Path. And i must admit it was very tricky, because the song does not feature a large amount of lyrics, but only a few short lines, that must cover the complete story i want to tell. And i guess you know what that means. It means, finding the essence of what you want to say and put it into very small lines of words what eventually rhyme. And today, i did some precision work to a few lines. Another thing i am thinking about is, to add some lines in a later part of the song to give it a kind of call & response touch. I am thinking about having a different singer there. Another idea may be to have the vocals spoken and not sung, because the mostly improvisational harmony lines work their way through the song and make it pretty hard to sing to them. There is no real continuation in the harmony and so i guess the vocals must follow a very free path to suit the harmonies. We’ll see when I’m finished composing. And for sure, I’ll ask Ellina about it and find out what she thinks.


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