8 hours of namelessness

This is a post that actually sums up two strains of activity i followed a week ago and today. After a not so good start into the day, i was sitting here, watching the rain come down and updating my band project website with a few photos and a recently released music video where Ellina had a guest appearance. I started my music program and reloaded the project i was last working on. I had in mind to record some vocals with a not-so-good microphone i own, since the good one is still not available, but somehow, while listening to the track i got bored of the idea and dropped it. Instead i loaded a clean project and played around with my newest instrument plug-in. Somehow, and in still don’t know why, i got hooked on a harmony and i played a bit on the keyboard, while recording everything. The latter is something i tend to do, just to make sure if something hits me, i don’t forgetting it.  So i played and i played and suddenly it all made sense to me. I cut everything but my preferred part and started to play to it with other instruments. And that was about 9 hours ago. I didn’t even ate something. I totally forgot about it, because my new song had me glued to my PC. Finally, now that the program is closed and i am finished composing for today, i must say, it was the best that could have happened to me today.
Funny thing is, and that’s where the second strain comes in, it happened to me the same way a week ago, too. same playing around, same feeling of being hooked and same outburst of creativity.  Now i have two fresh, new song projects, bot still unnamed, that long to be finished and sung to. I only hope that vocal recording will be possible in the near future. I would hate it to put those tracks on hold, like many of my other ones that are pretty much finished but lack vocals.
What amazes me most and gives me great satisfaction is, to actually experience this creativity flows. It has been a long time, since i have been as creative as i am at the moment and i would be a fool not to dive right into it and let it take control. Almost everything else seems so unimportant in comparison to being creative.  I wouldn’t want it any other way….. and i wouldn’t trade it for anything.


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