The absence of colors in word and sound

…does not necessarily lead to a grey world of boredom.

That is what i found out just two days ago when i pulled my keyboard out of its place, connected it to my midi port and started playing around with some instruments. It just takes a spark of inspiration to light a fire of motivation and creativity.
Well, as i was saying, i played around with numerous instruments and suddenly got hooked on a theme that i almost instantly reminded me style-wise of some mixture of DAF, Ascii Disko, Großstadtgeflüster and Spillsbury, all bands of whom i am more, or in the example of the latter 2 bands, less a fan of, so its a kind of Electropop/EBM like song. I went on with it, expanded the idea to a rhythm and melodies, added some rudimentary drums and just before i knew it, it became more than just one of my test-tracks, that i usually use for playing around with ideas.  I called it Schwarz-Weiß and worked on it for hours that day, not realizing that it was way past midnight and so, maybe upsetting my neighbors with the noise. But honestly, who cares, you can’t put an end to creativity when its on the loose, can you?

The next day, after i started a new project, is always a crucial day for me, because that’s the time when the so-far project has to live up to my standards and of course to my taste again and really convince me that it’s worth to put my effort in. And what can i say, it did (and that is not happening every time!). So i continued the composing right away and until today, most of it is already done.

I planned the project to be a vocals-featured one right from the beginning, so i started to write a song-text for it, and since my native language is German, so is the text.  Its going to be 3 stanzas with a refrain and a small bridge and is about criticizing some people’s black-and-white view of things. Since i feel very versatile in the use of German language i enjoyed playing around with words and punctuation marks. If you ever get the chance to listen to it, you may have to read the lyrics separately to get all of it in correct meaning, because without seeing the structure of the sentences it might lead you (intentionally) to wrong conclusions.

Now that i have 2 of those kind of tracks, almost ready to be recorded, i was thinking about an own name to put those two tracks out under. And i think i have found one. Of course i won’t reveal it now. You will know soon enough!

What i still lack is a singer for those two tracks, because the promised one from last year did not really found the time to do it. I need a female singer with a bold attitude to transport the point of the songs. If you know one or are interested yourself, please do not hesitate to contact me!


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