Outline 2010

This weekend, now, to be exact, the Outline demoparty is held in the Netherlands. There was a time, a month ago to be exact again, where i was so eager to contribute to the streaming music competition with a track of mine. That was, when i talked to warhead at a personal meeting we had here in Osnabrück. He told be that he was going to visit the party and would be able to take a track with him and i was happy about the chance to release something again. BUT as it turns out, i wasn’t able to deliver. And that’s what upsets me in a way. Not that i wasn’t motivated, but i was depending on others for my first choice track and unfortunately on my second choice, too.
Problem with my first track were the vocals. I have no own microphone and the one i usually use was not available, so i wasn’t able to record the vocals in time. STRIKE and out!
The Problem with my second track was, that it is based on a short sequence of another track and i wanted to get permission to release my remake under my name with respectively given credits, but i got no answer until today. Unfortunately i don’t know if i ever get that permission. So i probably will release it anyway with the proper credits. But at least i tried. And since there is no money involved, i guess it would be ok.
But all of that does not help with this weekends Outline and i am sitting here with nothing for the party i waited for a whole month to happen. I hope warhead has at least a good time there, but i bet the question will pop up why he didn’t see an entry of mine in the competition. Maybe i’ll tell him i was preselected 😉


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