The Spirits are talking

Today is a good day, that’s a fact.
And that’s not because of the mild sprig-like weather we have here in Germany, but because i was creative for hours. This time i worked on my song “From Spirits within“. It all started yesterday evening, just an hour before i went to bed. I had this idea how i wanted to change the structure of the track and was pretty motivated to implement my ideas, but of course it was too late and i was pretty tired. I feared that this idea and the motivation wouldn’t hold until today, but luckily i was wrong. Just the moment i woke up, it was in my mind again and so i started my music program and opened the project. It felt strange at first, because i hadn’t touched it for a long time and i was not sure if it would be possible to connect with the ideas and feelings again. So i started with rearranging some elements, nothing fancy, but it helped me to get into the mood again.  Then I connected my keyboard and played around a bit and it didn’t take long to get into composing.
What motivates me most regarding this song, is the idea of creating something with a more open structure regarding the arrangement. It on one hand doesn’t follow classical structures of stanzas and refrains with repetitive melodies or classica beats and on the other hand its not too unstructured to loose you during hearing. I managed to let the melodies flow and arranged everything else, like harmonies, pattern length etc. around them.
The song itself is meant to be a supporter of the vocals and the text, the story that is told and not so much on how wild i can play the instruments or how full of special effects it will be. I am still in the early stages of the song and there is much work to do, but i took a big step in the right direction today.
In correspondence with the progress of the music i wrote the lyrics, which are now finished and will be released with the song. perhaps i’ll tell you what they are about next time ;).
I can’t help to say that i am really looking forward to have them sung by my dear friend Ellina. I hope she likes the song!


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