Short FAINTed Innerprise

Well, well, well, maybe you remember my entry where i told you that i was working with a tracker again. Yesterday was the day to experience the fruit of my work and i must say, i am pretty pleased.
My track Innerprise was used in a very shortened version in the demoscene firstie from Team Faint called Faintro. And thats not all.
I was working on a short version for this cracktro for a while and as far as i can remember, i was told that the goal was to present the cracktro at Breakpoint 2010, but it wasn’t ready at all. So you can imagine how surprised i was as i sat down yesterday evening, making myself comfortable and watching the competitions on the webstream as suddenly my track was banging from the stereo at the partyplace. My heartbeat must have went up at least 50 beats per minute as i watched the cracktro with my music over the stream. And i am not shitting you here. Ok, some of you may think, gee, why the hell is he making such a big thing out of that, and i understand that. I might react the same way, when i find myself in several releases a year, but if you put yourself into my position you will find out very fast that this is not the case for me. I am an demoscene enthusiast and i am very proud to be an active member again and coming from that, i appreciate every release i am in very much. So, mueslee, if you read this, let me tell you, i am proud to be the one that provided music for your production. If you want to have a concept track for forthcoming productions, just contact me and i will support you as good as i can. And give some cheers from me to hellfire!

A happy day for me.

PS.: I updated the Innerprise Entry accordingly with all necessary links


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