Schläfer erwache

Schläfer erwache” will be the title of a remix i am working on at the moment. It’s going to be released under the KML label, as most of my not-to-be-taken-too-seriously stuff is. It is based on my song Wake up Sleeper, that is already finished.

At first i was only fooling around with some effects on the different instruments and i had no intention to make another remix at all, since i had just finished the Bad Dreams never End remix of that track, but after a while i began to like my changes and so i saved the song temporarily. Recently i exported a preview version and took it to Ellina to let her listen to it and she had a very good idea. It was her opinion that her vocals did not suit the new more industrial-electro type of song and suggested to make it a KML project. I found that a cool idea, so i took the project to its own folder, deleted her vocals and began do re-write and translate the original english lyrics to a KML worthy german version. Guess what, it works really well. I recorded some vocals for testing purposes and played around with effects and i like where the project is going.
Next thing i did was compressing the really long version to a much more suitable length for an industrial/electro track. I guess its going to be around 5 minutes, as nearly all other KML songs are, too. There is much compositional work to do, but i am looking forward to it. Its going to be great fun, to release the track on a party and listen to it, being played to an audience.
I am not sure if i will include the remix on the Wake up Sleeper single that is supposed to be released in April. It depends on what parties are coming up and if remote entries are allowed.


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