Industrial & Electro dreams

Not only that i finished the Bad Dreams never End remix of my song Wake up Sleeper, no, i just finished the pre-final exam of my diploma. Unfortunately the final exam is in 8 days, so my scene time is again very limited. The reason why i find that most uncomfortable is the fact that i feel very creative at the moment and would love to spend more time working on my music rather than studying again. But as you know, life sucks sometimes 😉

But to be honest, i must admit that there are certain free-spaces during the day i like to fill with my music, to distract myself a bit and generate a small feeling of actually living. And what did i do? As the headline might have told you already, i take care of the electronic/industrial remix of Wake up Sleeper. I started this remix weeks ago, just out of curiosity what it would sound like, if i added regular drums and distortion to certain tracks.  And as a matter of fact, i liked it and so, here i am, totally into making an electronic/industrial remix of the song. I am doing this one just to make it danceable in the club and not for finding another way of expressing the feelings and the depth of the lyrics/vocals. And as a matter of fact, the composition is basically done. it just needs some tweaks here and there to be smooth and then i can go into mixing again. It will be ready and included in the single of course.


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