Bad dreams do end

At least, the making of the dream does end some time.

Making no sense to you? Well, then you must’ve missed a few of my blog entries, i guess. All right, i tell you what that dream-thing is all about.
Recently i finished my new track Wake up Sleeper and started to work on a remix idea i had shortly after finishing the original edit. It took some time to rearrange the vocals to the new harmony but i got it right just a few days ago. And since that was the last compositional thing to do, i started with the mixing process.
The first obstacle i encountered was my processor power. Mixing 18 tracks in realtime was too much for my processor to handle so i had to work myself from track to track through the whole song. In the end i wasn’t even able to play it for one second straight without getting massive dropouts. So i had to export the whole project every time i made a change and listen to it carefully. I took notes while listening, about every thing i wanted to adjust and you can imagine how long that took me. One single export occupied my system for whole 15 minutes, unbelievable.
The second thing that really threw me back a few hours was the fact that after i listened to my first final-mix several times, i concluded that the mixing sucked. So i discarded it completely and started mixing nearly from scratch. And today, several days later,  i am finally happy with it.
There might be the slight possibility that i have to change one thing and go back to mixing again, but that will only happen if Ellina is not happy with what i did to her voice. Chance is slim, but its there. I will keep you informed.
Until then, i consider my Wake up Sleeper – Bad Dreams never End Remix as finished. Hooray 🙂


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