Beloved H4rmony

No, there is no typo in the headline.

Its just a hint in the name of my new 4klang track Beloved H4rmony. It’s maybe not the best time to start working on a new track at all, because i am in the middle of my exams but sometimes it seems just like the right way to use your learning-pauses. And sometimes you just can’t help it.
The track is going to be a remake of a well known pop track of the early nineties and i decided to do it, because i listened to the original a lot the last days and i want to honor it, because i think it was exemplary of that time. The track itself is my second attempt in using 4klang and is planned to be part of a musicdisc that hopefully will be done some time.

A word about 4klang and single core processors. Some of the instruments do really take a lot of processor time. I am working on a single core Intel 2,5 Ghz and i experience massive slowdowns when using more than 8 instruments at the same time. And as all instruments of 4klang aren’t polymorph you are forced to use another channel with the same instrument again. I don’t blame the makers, because it’s a great tool, i blame myself not having the guts to update my system.

I’m writing this a few hours later, just wanting to let you know that Beloved H4rmony is ready to release. I finished it in the last five hours and i am satisfied with the result. Lets hope that it can be released soon.


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