Multitasking? No thanks!

The almighty word, multitasking, suggests that a lot of things can be done at the same time. But can they? I think they are missing one variable. Time.
Yesterday i was able to free more time to work on my creative stuff and i started with the translation of my story No Return from German into English. The story consists of about 45 chapters and i am still nearer to the starting chapters than the end of the story. I agree, its a painful work to do translations, always trying to make sense of the words in the original language in a way that you can express using the foreign language. So it took a while to finish another chapter and i wanted to continue after a short break.
During the break i had a talk to my fellow scene-friends streettuff and hardy from TRSi about a production for Breakpoint and since i am working on a 4klang track for a 4k intro i wanted to sort out if there is a necessity for me to get this track finished. So i fired up my music program and exported a preview and while they were listening to the track and we were discussing how it could be used, i tweaked the melodies a bit.
Shortly after this, i opened my Wake up Sleeper – Bad Dreams never end Remix project to finalize the composition by recording filter patterns, which took me another hour or so.
And if that hadn’t been enough, i took a look at my video stuff to weight the chances of making another movie this year.

So finally, i was working on 4 projects, well, at least they were open. But did i really accomplish something, did i really push one of them a full step further? Honestly i must say, the answer to that is no. In sum, i spent half of the day more staring at the projects, checking their status than working on them. That is what i call a failed try of multitasking. I am sure that if i had reduced my activities to only one project for the day, i would have made a significant progress.

Generally i would say it is really great to be interested in various things and be motivated to work on all of them, but in my experience of the last day, multitasking does not come in handy under those circumstances, because time is consumed by switching between the projects, getting yourself up to date and not by being productive on either one of them.

So, for the next time, i advise myself to stick to a sequential workflow 😉


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