2 hours of bad dreams

You can’t imagine how good two hours of bad dreams can be for you. At least for me. Yesterday i had the time to work on my Bad Dreams never end Remix of my track Wake up Sleeper again. Not that i am not packed with things to learn for my exam next week, but i needed to take a break and do something for me again. And it worked out quite well. I added and changed a few things and instruments and played around with some combination of voices and developed another remix idea, which i might or might not follow after finishing this project.
Even though there weren’t any major advancements to the track, like getting the refrain vocals done (a thing that is still on the to-do list), the feeling of working on something you are very much “in love” with, and i am with only a few of my tracks, recharges you in a way only a very few things can do. And i am really looking forward to present you this new track, maybe it moves you while listening to it, like it moves me writing it.
For today, i am going to it the same way. First i concentrate on my studies and after i am through with it, i will resume my work on the track.

Other happy news are, that when the track single comes out under my band project One Dice, it will hopefully contain guest remixes from demoscene friends. I am sure that they will interpret the theme in a way i never would have imagined and create new perspectives with it.

These few lines are added because i find, i should explain what in mean when i say that i am “in love” with a few of my tracks. I am mostly not making music because of fun and pleasure. I make tracks that are pure fun, too, but that is only the one half. My making of music has changed very much during the last years. Today i need to make music to express what i feel, i need it to be an outlet of my thoughts and emotions and so i put very much of myself in those compositions. And because of the fact that those tracks are not only made by me, the are me, i say that i am “in love” with them. When i play them i feel like i am talking in a way that words can not. Its not only about understanding the text and listening to the music, it is about feeling. And that is what my band project One Dice is all about.


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